Junior Pathway ChartOUR PROGRAM:
Every athlete has their own tennis journey. WVIT’s professional coaches and program provide each individual with the tools and coaching to reach their goals, all while having fun! Whether your child is just beginning play or a seasoned tournament player, WVIT has a program to fit their needs. For our younger players, WVIT uses the USTA 10-and-Under tennis format. Low compression balls that bounce slower and lower are used along with smaller racquets and court sizes. Kids’ have more success, more fun and start playing tennis quickly!
Kids’ Zone – Ages 3-5 years
A fun introductory program using creative methods to develop motor skills, body balance and racquet control, while stimulating interest in tennis.
Red – Ages 6-8 years
Focus is on developing proper technique and hand/eye coordination, while having FUN!
Orange 1 – 7-10 years
Juniors with little or no professional instruction.  The focus will be on building strong fundamentals, stroke technique, footwork and beginning play.
Orange 2 – 7-10 years
Juniors who have graduated level one program or received approval from WVIT staff.  Focus on stroke technique, footwork and point strategies.
Green 1 – 11 & Up
Older juniors with little experience.  The emphasis will be on fundamentals, footwork, strategy and rules of the game.
Green 2 – 9 & Up
Players with prior professional instruction.   Focus on refining strokes, developing weapons to build their game around, tactics, improving footwork.
Middle School Training
Players with prior professional instruction, or who competed on their middle school or junior varsity high school team.  Focus will be on refining strokes, tactical strategies,  footwork and match situations.
High School Training
Juniors who compete on their high school varsity team. Focus is on improving shot confidence through intense live-ball drilling, match play and tennis specific conditioning.
For younger juniors who are competing in USTA tournaments. Live ball drills and point play is integral in this program. Class will focus on sound match tactics, shot selection, mental toughness, developing and refining modern strokes and footwork patterns. Approval by the tennis director is required.
Comp Edge
For those athletes that are determined to get better and are willing to put in the hard work and commitment to achieve their potential. Focus will be on refining strokes, strengthening weaknesses, building reliability in weapons, conditioning and footwork, mental toughness and match strategies. Players must be approved by WVIT staff to enter this program and are required to play USTA tournaments regularly.
Friday Night Lights
Competitive match play and games for high school players ages 13-18 years. Singles, doubles, games, music, pizza and beverages. Come and improve your game with WVITennis. Select Fridays from 6-8pm. Only $10 per player, pre-registration required.
Junior Tour – Match Play
Organized match play against other juniors, a great way to practice skills learned in lessons and clinics. Match play is an integral piece to player development, players get a chance to test their skills against others, learn how to manage nerves, develop and practice focusing skills.

Please contact the club for more information or to register. (570) 288-1434.

Learn more about 10 and Under tennis programming that uses kid sized equipment and tennis courts.


Ten and Under Tennis 3D Video from 10 and Under Tennis on Vimeo.

Private Lesson Pricing:
(contact the club to schedule)
Tennis Director: $70/hour member | $75/hour non-member
Staff Pro III: $60/hour member | $65/hour non-member
Staff Pro II: $55/hour member | $60/hour non-member
Staff Pro I: $50/hour member | $55/hour non-member
Junior Pro: $40/hour member | $45/hour non-member
*rates effective Sept 2019

Please contact the club for more information or to schedule a lesson. (570) 288-1434